Feathery Mash Potato


Hi so this week I decided to do a tasty mash potato that will make your taste buds tingle. This isn’t a proper recipe so just follow along!


It makes 10 – 12 portions


For this creamy mash potato, you will need: a potato masher: a large saucepan: 6 potatoes ( some small, medium and large ); a large dish; 1 1/2 tbsp double cream; 2 tbsp semi-skinned milk; 20g butter and whatever vegetables/sauce you wish and some cheese ( optional ). Put the potatoes in cold water ( enough to cover them in the saucepan ) and put them on the boil for 25 – 30 minutes – with the lid on . Keep them on high heat then turn the temperature down when they start to bubble and boil. Once they are done, drain the water away  and pour the milk, cream and butter into the pan. Mash it all up until there are no lumps. Now add the sauce/vegetables to the dish and coat with mash potato evenly. Sprinkle the cheese over the top and add seasonings if you wish and cook until the top is light brown and crispy. If you just want to have mashed potato, not the dish and stuff, then do everything but leave the other sauce/vegetables out.z



I hope you have enjoyed this blog and the quote, I will post another one soon!!!



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