Crunchy Biscoff Cake

Hi world. So I know this one doesn’t sound nice but believe me, it is drop-dead tasty. I wanted to make something special since I haven’t posted in a couple of months. I hope you enjoy and make sure to check out my other posts if you like this:Giant Cookie Cake or try Classic Vanilla Cheesecake   […]

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Vanilla Filled Chocolate Cookies

Hey so this week I decided to do some interesting biscuits, so here they are.   Serves: approx 18     Equipment: Electric mixer with paddle attachment Glass 3 Baking trays lined with grease proof paper Palette knife Wooden spoon Sieve Tea spoon Wire rack 2 mixing bowls     Ingredients: 165g plain flour 85g […]

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Classic Vanilla Cheesecake

Hey so this week I decided to do an amazing vanilla cheesecake. It’s non-bake and tastes better than a cooked cheesecake and it doesn’t take nearly half the time it takes to make a cooked one.   Prep time: 15 minutes Chill time: 1 hour Serves: 12     Equipment: Electric mixer Medium mixing bowl […]

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Giant Cookie Cake

Hey!! So this week I decided to do a delicious giant cookie, it tastes so nice and is sure to change up your meal. Read on to find out how to make it!     Equipment: 20cm Cake Tin, greased Electric mixer Wire Rack Plate to serve         Ingredients: 175g unsalted butter, […]

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